Reds & Rosé

2013 Norton Reserve

Sold Out of the 2013 vintage. Stay tuned for the release of 2014.

This full bodied dry red contains hand-selected grapes picked at full maturity, and is aged in French oak. 

2013 Norton

A rich, full bodied dry red with berry flavors and spicy overtones. American oak-aged.

2013 Chambourcin

A medium bodied, dry red made from French-hybrid grapes. American oak-aged.

2013 Cabernet Franc

A light bodied, dry red offering a unique peppery nose and taste. This is a Missouri-grown Cabernet Franc.

C2 (C-squared)

A medium bodied blended, dry red table wine with an alluring bouquet that hints of black cherry, vanilla and earthy flavors the wine possesses.

Port of Waverly

Named after the once bustling wharf in Waverly, Port of Waverly is a fortified dessert wine made from Norton.


A blended semi-dry red wine with lots of fruit flavors. This blended semi-dry is made from Norton, Chambourcin, Chardonel and a touch of Concord.

Last Minute

 A mellow, semi-sweet red blend of Chambourcin and Catawba grapes, that starts sweeter, but finishes drier.

Arrowhead Red

A Concord wine with familiar bouquet and jammy flavors makes this a favorite for sweet red wine drinkers.

Joli Vin

French for beautiful wine, this blended blush wine is perfect chilled and served at a picnic or with cheese & sausage. Made from Vignoles, Vidal and Chambourcin.

Kris Kringle

This holiday wine is blended with Vignoles and Norton grape varieties with cinnamon The bottles display a festive label created by a local artist. (Seasonal)

C2 Awarded 2013 Jefferson Cup!

Recognized nationally among the most important and best examples of their region, style and variety all Jefferson Cup winners are selected from the best of the best, culled from tastings and competitions in America!

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